Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

As 2008 draws to an end, I find myself reflecting on everything I accomplished this year. I sold my first novel, snagged a top agent and made amazing friends. Sure, there were disappointments...but the good far outweighed the bad. I wouldn't trade a thing.

Tonight, I'll bring in the new year with my two very special men. We've got reservations at Ruth's Chris, our favorite restaurant and afterwards, we'll toast each other and prepare for a year in which all our dreams come true.

My wish for all of you, is that all your prayers are answered and all your dreams come true.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bedtime Stories

Last week Saturday, the family and I were treated to an advance screening of Bedtime Stories. It is Walt Disney's newest flick and Sandler was more than charming in his first family-friendly comedy.

If you've got a chance, check it out and let your imagination run wild. It opens on Christmas Day and is a testament to the fact that dreams really can come true... if you believe.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas is coming and....

I'm sick. I've been battling the flu for almost 10 days now. Every time I think there's a reprieve on the horizon, my chest swells up and my body gets so hot that I swear you can roast marshmallows on my forehead.

I've got so much to do....Shopping for the Christmas gifts that cannot be bought online-and shopping for everything I need for Christmas breakfast and dinner.
Did I mention that I also have five chapters to write before the end of the year?

I have been reading though :) A beautifully written book set in Kentucky. Can't wait to get through the rest of it.

How is everyone else doing? All the shopping done?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bookworm Award

My friend and chapter mate Katie Reus tagged me with the Bookworm Award.(YAY Katie!)

Here are the rules: Open the book closest to you, not your favorite or most intellectual book, but the book closest to you at the moment, to page 56. Write out the fifth sentence, as well as two to five sentences following there.

Here goes.....

Book: Third Degree
Author: Greg Iles

The silence in the room was the prelude to the roar of being buried alive.
"You're not going to say anything?" Warren demanded.
Her mind grasped at the nearest concrete detail."I'm getting a migraine. That's why I came home early."
"You poor thing."

In other news...I received my edits in the mail today and I'm happy to say that my editor loves the story and their are no major changes to be made.

How is everyone else doing?

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Importance of being happy.

So...I've been on a roll lately. Little Fabulous One has been cracking the whip and I'm proud to say that this is the probably the most seamless my writing has been in a long time.

Then why the title of this blog you may ask? After a great day of edits, I had dinner with family and sat down to watch a movie that I've been wanting to see for the last few years. I had to turn it off after twenty-five minutes.

You see, the story line dealt with issues that although true, tend to weigh heavily on the heart. Instead of basking in the glow of what I hope will be a NY sale for me, the trials and tribulations of the movie's characters began to bring about feelings of sadness and bewilderment.

With that said, I've made a vow. Until this book is finished, I will refrain from reading, watching or listening to anything that does not uplift my spirit or enrich my soul.

I won't be down for long though. On Thursday we are going to the movies to watch 'Four Christmases' and then on Friday Little Fabulous One arrives for the weekend bringing a whirlwind of fabulosity and cheer. Then, as if that isn't enough, on Saturday my BFF arrives. (She will be known from now on as Latina Diva) So the wine, laughter and goodwill will be flowing here in my household and I can't wait to indulge.

Can you tell that I simply adore my friends? In the past few years, I have found that it is imperative to have people around you who will be happy for you as you strive to accomplish your goals. Since embarking on this writing journey, I've made some amazing friends and unfortunately lost a few. These two have been there for me when I needed them the most and I only hope that one day I can return the favor.

What are your wishes for 2009? Mine are quite simple. I'd like continued health and happiness for my family, a NY sale (or two, or three :) ) and for all my friends to have their wishes come true.

Have a great night everyone! May happiness find you wherever you may be.