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The Chosen One

The Chosen One will be released soon, and I'm really excited about it. Starting today, stay tuned monthly for a short excerpt.

“I have never met you, but I know you well. I am with you when you wake in the morning and I watch you as you sleep at night. I know your friends, your family, your wants and needs. My heart has soared watching you smile and hurt seeing you cry.

One day you will come to know me as well as I now know you. One day soon…."

“When men began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful and they married any of them they chose”
Genesis 6:1-2

I Choose You.”

Chapter One

The sun was streaming through the windows when Rachel Penniston awoke in her spacious town home in Celebration, Florida. She sighed as her eyes struggled to get used to the rays that threatened her with blindness. Once again her body clock had betrayed her, but this time the disloyalty was even harder to bear because she had been roused from a particularly erotic dream that starred her, Terrence Howard and a tub of French Vanilla Cool Whip.

It was Saturday, and as she slowly made her way past her discarded work clothes en route to the bathroom, she wondered if life would have been less complicated had she not become a lawyer, but taught school instead as her momma had wished.

She smiled at her reflection in the mirror as she tried to picture herself teaching a bunch of fourth graders. She could see the headlines now, TEACHER SENTENCED TO 65 YEARS IN PRISON FOR ATTEMPTING TO BURN SCHOOL DOWN. No, teaching was definitely not her calling; she lacked the temperament and the patience to deal with a bunch of ‘bad-ass’ kids and their crazy parents. Besides, being an attorney afforded her the pleasures of a lifestyle that she had only dreamed about. Although she had the utmost respect for the men and women that chose to mold young minds, their yearly salary could not buy the Manolo’s that she loved.

After completing her morning ritual, she walked slowly across her bedroom and flopped onto her bed with a grateful sigh. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed the blinking red light, she pressed play.

Girl it’s me Nicky, I haven’t heard from you since we spoke Monday and you better not back out on the club tomorrow night. Momma said she’ll watch Marcus so pick me up by ten. Call me when you get this.

She really didn't think she had the stamina to brave a night out at Bob Marley’s, but she knew better than to tell Nicole that. Nicole had been her best friend since their freshman year at the University of Central Florida and Rachel had been immediately drawn to her brash personality and her ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude. She was a beautiful voluptuous chocolate girl with a penchant for dyeing her hair loud colors that matched her strong character. Unfortunately, like a lot of women, a strong character was not enough to protect her from the sweet talk of a good-looking man. And after getting pregnant at the beginning of their junior year, Nicole dropped out to face the hard life of a single mother. Rachel knew how difficult it was for Nicky to find a baby-sitter for eight-year old Marcus, so despite her exhaustion, she was not going to break her word on the one night her friend had the opportunity to experience some fun that did not include the Power Rangers.

Standing, she straightened her shoulders and cleared her throat; she had a lot to do today. After all if she was going to go out tonight she needed to be prepared for whatever the night would bring; and her hair and nails were not going to do themselves.


It was 9:15 p.m. and Rachel’s hips gently gyrated to the sounds of Black-Eyed Pea as she put the final touches on her outfit in front of her floor length mirror.
Damn I look good she said to herself while easing the delicate cloth of the short sexy brown chiffon one-shoulder Dolce & Gabbana dress over her nubile curves. The animal printed silk sheer material made her feel wild and uninhibited, while the hot pink, mirrored leather Jimmy Choo stilettos provided the perfect contrast to the amazing dress.

She felt rejuvenated; it was amazing how a day of pampering and shopping could re-energize both the body and soul. And as Fergie’s sultry voice started chanting My Hump she could not resist turning around and dropping it like it was hot.


Rachel honked the horn outside Nicole’s town home a full half an hour past their agreed upon time. She knew she was going to get a mouthful from her rambunctious friend and she already had an excuse prepared.
"Damn you are always late; why the hell didn’t you call me?”
“There was traffic on I4 and….”
“Don’t even go there,” a scantily clad Nicky said cutting her off. “I know you were in your house prancing and parading around in front of your mirror instead of getting in your car and driving your ass over here. You’ve been doing it since you were eighteen and you are still doing it at twenty-seven. Now move your ass on over so I can drive.”
“You don’t have to drive; I know how to get to the club.”
Nicky shook her head as she yanked open the door of Rachel’s BMW.
“There’s been a change of plans, we’re not hangin’ with the Jamaicans tonight. Someone at my job told me about a new club and I want to try it out.”
Knowing better than to argue with her already annoyed friend, Rachel stepped out of the car and made her way around to the front passenger seat.
“Whatever, but this place better be live.”
After maneuvering Rachel’s prized vehicle through the streets of downtown Orlando, Nicky finally pulled into a parking lot in front of a non-descript building in the business district. The only thing that made the plain structure stand out from all the other ones in its surrounding area was an elegantly lit sign that read simply The Palace.
Despite the late hour there were cars pulling into the parking lot, and all around them well dressed men and women seemed to be climbing out and making a mad rush for the club.
At first glance, it was easy to mistake The Palace for your average run of the mill Saturday night hot spot. The music was loud and resonated clear into the parking area, and the queue of eager party-goers seemed to stretch at least three blocks. However, by the time Rachel and Nicky made it to the entrance it was clear that they were not in for an average experience.
“What the hell is this?” Rachel whispered urgently to Nicole as her eyes narrowed suspiciously at the bouncer wearing nothing but a towel.
“Just chill we’ll be inside soon.” Nicole said while avoiding eye contact with her best friend.
“Are you trying to tell me you knew this club was full of freaks? Look at the sign.”

Welcome to The Palace
You must be 21 or older to enter this establishment.
If you are not comfortable with nudity or open sexuality this is not the establishment for you.
But if you have an open mind…..Enter and Enjoy.
Couples: $75 Single Men: $100 Single Ladies: Free

“If I am not comfortable with nudity…Nicole please be serious. Do you really expect me to believe that you knowingly brought me to this place knowing that my Jimmy Choos were going to be wading in a never ending pool of nasty ass semen as soon as my feet hit the damn floor? What kind of people do you work with anyway? I’m going home.” As she turned to leave, Nicole reached out and halted her escape with a firm hand on her shoulder.
“Rachel please, I’m sorry. But I knew that if I told you we were going to a swinger’s club you would flip. Please don’t leave,” Nicole pleaded, her usually proud voice reduced to a weak whisper. “One of the guys from work D.J’s here part-time. I like him, but he thinks I’m stuck up because I won’t come hear him spin. Do this for me Rach; you know I’ve done some crazy shit in the past for you.”
Just then a voice interrupted their hushed conversation.
“Ladies may I see some I.D?”
It was now their turn at the front of the line and Rachel slowly reached into her evening bag, wondering what exactly she was about to get herself into.

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Encouraging News

I came across this article in an online group I belong to and decided to share. I figure we could all use the boost.

Click the link to read the article.

Recession Fuels Readers’ Escapist Urges